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[AHK] ARK Scripts by Damian Ryse

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  • [AHK] ARK Scripts by Damian Ryse

    Current version: 2021-09-22

    My AHK script collection for ARK: Survival Evolved combines various small scripts that helps you to manage your daily PvE tasks (and some PvP, too). The package contains 14 different scripts + additional script files required to run.

    AutoFarm presses the left mouse button constantly to hit rocks and trees with your dinosaurs like Ankylosaur, Magmasaur or Therizino. AutoFarm detects when the dino is slotcapped and will automatically drop various items from it's inventory. The list of items to drop can be defined in the Settings.ini file

    The name already reveals the purpose of this little script: It let's you produce bloodpacks fully automated. Start the script, lay down to a Tek Sleeping pod and press the hotkey to start the script.
    This script is obsolete, since you can farm bloodpacks easier with the Desmodus from Fjordur.

    If you want to cook specific colors but the Cooking Pot always creates other colors you don't want (because of similar or even same ressource types), then this tool will help you out. Have all the ingredients in your players inventory, select the color you want to cook within the scripts GUI and press the hotkey to start. ColorCooker will put exactly the required amount of ressources into the cooking pot to craft 5 pieces of it.

    Originally designed to drop items from dediboxes to slotcap yourself, this tool still comes handy for other structures like Industrial Forges. It will take-all from the structures (or dinos) inventory and drop it stack by stack out of your own inventory. Make sure you go into crouch and drop a bag, so the dropped items will not fly around.

    Simply takes feces out of the Dung Beetle and puts it back one by one, forcing the Dung Beetle to randomly produce Fertilizer instantly.

    This one was never meant to be part of the package. It is a little helper tool to drop eggs side by side for easy hatching.

    Takes all Element Dust from a Tek Dedicated Storage and crafts Element in your inventory.

    I have seriously no idea what this is doing. Way too long ago.

    Helper script to configure the Settings.ini file. Displays the current mouse cursor position and the color on the screen.

    Helps you feeding your babies with either berries or meat. When you press F to open the dinos inventory, the script will put the food in the dinos inventory and closes the window. In case of meat, it will take-all first, before putting fresh meat back to make sure there is no spoiled meat in the babies inventory.

    It presses the E key.

    Will produce seeds in an Iguanodon.

    Guided helper script to configure the most important settings for Settings.ini. However, it does not help you configuring all of the settings.

    Script that automates the Snow Owl healing process.

    Usage information
    Download the ZIP package and extract everything into a folder on your drive. Auto Hot Key needs to be installed. Double click a script to start it.

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