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    Hey everyone!

    as you can see as probably former fans of my music career as Damian Ryse on stage or in music production, you'll notice that this website does not have anything to do with music anymore.
    The reason for this total conversion of the website and the general topic is, that my interests changed. In my already mid 30's, I personally feel too old to play music in clubs all night long, especially as I'm becoming tired at 21:00 already.
    Besides of music, software development and IT systems have always been my second big hobby. Therefore it is almost natural that I have developed some nice tools for games which I play. The atm most used piece of software which is running in production environment is my "Request Bot" for ARK: Survival Evolved. There is already a successor of the Request Bot in progress, which is called "ARK Breeding Manager". Also, there is another project going on to help people managing their tribes in ARK or your clans in other games aswell.
    Both those programs are pure Discord bots, what already reveals where my focus is at: I do love bot programming!
    But, besides of complex bot programming, there are also the nice little scripts which helps you in your everyday gaming and working live. Those scripts are written in AHK, Python or PowerShell and are mostly self explained.

    There are more channels and topics planned as the website (hopefully) grows. But this will be considered in future as time comes.

    Anyway, have fun in this new forum!