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pfSense - Open Source Router, Firewall, NAT, etc.

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  • pfSense - Open Source Router, Firewall, NAT, etc.

    If you haven't heard of pfSense yet: It is a open source and free operating system (based on FreeBSD) which you can install on almost any amd64 systems.
    pfSense replaces (in some manner) your default internet router and will serve as THE tool to manage your home network. You can configure DHCP and DNS services, you can add VPN services like NordVPN and route your complete home network through it (means: all your devices in your home are automatically hidden and anonymized with your VPN service). It also comes with a built-in firewall which can freely configure as you like.

    If you don't have a device which you can use for pfSense, they company behind the product are offering hardware with pfSense already preinstalled, from small to big devices for professional IT environments.

    Take a look by yourself:

    also, NetworkChuck did a great video about pfSense