What programs are a must-have for you on any Linux Distribution? Here is a small list of programs which I need my LInux computers:
  • Flameshot (Screenshot program)
  • vim and nano (shell text editors)
  • Visual Studio Code (Text/Code editor)
  • Krita (Painting and Illustration program. Looks a bit like Photoshop)
  • VLC player (best media player, change my mind^^)
  • NordVPN
  • Firefox of course
I don't play games on my linux computers, so I don't need programs like Steam, Epic Games, whatever. And Discord is running in firefox just fine. A lot of people suggest OpenOffice/LibreOffice as a replacement for Microsoft Office (which I use on my Windows computers), but honestly, i just use the webbrowser version of the microsoft programs, which are in my opinion good enough for the things I do and don't require installation.